Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Veronica Donovan: Lawyer Superhero Number Ten

10. Veronica Donovan, Prison Break 

Biography: Veronica is the childhood friend of Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield.  When Linc was accused of murdering the Vice President's brother, Veronica agreed to represent him, despite the fact that her area of expertise was real estate law.   Veronica believed in Lincoln's innocence when no one else did, including Michael.  When Lincoln was convicted and sentenced to execution, she tried to get help from a group called "Project Justice," knowing that she had no appellate experience.  Project Justice turned her down, and she was basically forced to handle the case by herself.  (No, the fact that two-faced Nick offered assistance does not constitute real help.  The dude straight up tried to have her killed in exchange for his father's freedom.  And unlike Lincoln, Nick's father probably really did it.)

Why Veronica is a legal rock star:  She took a case that no one else would, at great personal sacrifice.  She became competent in an entirely different area of law in order to help her friend.  She finally solved the murder mystery, and managed to tip Lincoln off to the truth before being axed herself.  And unlike Ally McBeal, she never showed up to court in a mini-skirt suit.  Nope, not even when she was only practicing civil law.


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