Friday, October 3, 2008

Razzle Dazzle

I know, it sounds completely strange, but there are some law students who get out of the library. Some students go skiing, others start bands. Now I’m not well versed in, well, any of my classes, but these groups make me laugh, which after hearing that finals are like the Titanic I needed. I found bands with names like “Elvis Cardozo and the Attractive Nuisances” or “Assault with a Deadly Weapon.” The two below were the best of the law school bands :

Mikey Mel and the JD’s
Songs :
Forbidden Lawyer Love
The Library Stacks
Ambulance Chasers
Punitive Damages for a Broken Heart

Are they the best band, no. Think Modest Mouse mixed with a little Fountain of Wayne, then throw some other stuff in to see if it sticks. At the same time there are some great lines :

“but when I want to hang out with my girl I say ‘I’m sorry baby but the law library stacks are calling to me’ ” The Library Stacks

“she had some interviews in the fall she thought she’d get her job then one day she go a letter from her favorite firm and here’s what it told her : You not good enough to work for us so thank you for your interesting offer. “ Rejection Letter

Josh Keesan : The Law of Rock Volume 1
Contributory negligence
Promissory estoppel
Mens rea

As his site eloquently put it, “Put down your commercial outlines and treatises: here, for the first time, you can learn complex legal doctrines through these digestible pop-rock gems.” Jack Johnson for the law school world. Fun pop that makes me thing that contracts might somehow be cool. Then again maybe not.

“Oh, mens rea, It’s a guilty mind, the girl gives me mens rea, and actus reus isn’t far behind.” Mens Rea

“Cause I relied on you and you screwed me through and through, So it’s Promissory Estoppel. We made plans far ahead, and now you say you want me dead, Well, too bad: ’cause it’s Promissory Estoppel.” Promissory Estoppel

If you use iTunes, look up 1L imixes. My personal favorite was about taking cocaine for finals. Isn’t that a bright and cheery thought for December?



Elle Woods said...

These are hilarious! Is there anyway to get audio clips of the songs?

Murphy Brown said...

Don't forget the all time favorite, "Law School Musical"