Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lawyer Superheroes: The Countdown Begins

"Why did you go to law school?"

We all get asked the question.

Some of us did it because we didn't know what else to do after getting a degree in psychology. Some of us did it because our parents have the coveted "J.D." after their names. Some of us did it for the money. Some of us did it out of the genuine desire to (cough, cough) "help people."

And some of us did it because we grew up watching the Law and Order franchise.

Don't be ashamed to admit it--you get misty during the big, theatrical summations in a "based on the novel by John Grisham" movie. You watch Twelve Angry Men and feel that swell of pride knowing that you are a part of the justice system--"justice system" said entirely without irony. You went to law school--you didn't get an MBA. (Oh, burn!) There's got to be part of you that's really just a Girl/Boy Scout at heart.
So in the spirit of the holiday season (that holiday being Halloween, natch), the Jackie Chiles Law Society presents to you, our reading audience, the Top Ten Lawyer Super Heroes. Each day we will present to you the fictitious, idealized men and women we should be admiring and emulating. Sometimes these guys and gals are kicking ass and taking names, and sometimes they're courageously pursuing the doomed but meritorious case. Either way, they do it with dignity and class. Because as much as we all love to smirk at the exploits of Denny Crane, Barry Zuckercorn, Lionel Hutz, et. al., sometimes it's nice to remember that pop culture features some very stand-up officers of the court -- and those ladies and gents deserve a little more play.

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