Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New event!

Join the Jackie Chiles Law Society for our last event of the semester, Monday 23 November at 12:15 in room 106 at the law school for a panel co-sponsored by the Professional Development Office on "Careers in Media Entertainment"
FOOD Provided! Jackie Chiles Trivia!
Panel members have actual experience in the entertainment industry as well as media & entertainment law practice!! More information from PDO coming soon!!
In conjunction with this event, The Society will be screening the film "A River Runs Through It" in the moot courtroom at 6PM on the evening of 23 November WITH...... Patrick Markey, the film's producer! Come and watch the film and listen to Mr. Markey speak about his production experience!

Quote of the Day - November 18, 2009

I'm an innocent man. I spent 15 years in prison for something I didn't do. I watched my father die in a British prison for something he didn't do. And this government still says he's guilty. I want to tell them that until my father is proved innocent, until all the people involved in this case are proved innocent, until the guilty ones are brought to justice, I will fight on. In the name of my father and of the truth!

-Gerry Conlon, In The Name of the Father


We kinda suck, huh?


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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quote of the Day - January 15, 2009

Michael: My mother is opposed to the idea of hiring a new attorney.  She'll probably refuse to enter the room if she sees you.

Wayne Jarvis: I shall hide behind that couch.

Michael: Guy's a pro.

Arrested Development

Yeah yeah yeah ...

Ok, we know ... we've been remiss in our blogging.  We'd like to say we're sorry, but empty apologies mean nothing.

We're going to try harder in the future.  

Well ...