Monday, October 27, 2008

Alexandra Cabot: Lawyer Superhero Number Nine

9. Alexandra Cabot, Law and Order: SVU

A controversial choice, we know. In a way, the "Law & Order" ADAs are somewhat interchangeable. Were you aware that so many hotties went to law school? And then became low-paid public servants? With extremely high trial success rates? We didn't, either. From Abbie Carmichael to Serena Southerlyn, Connie Rubirosa to Kim Grayleck, the L&O franchise has churned out more photogenic prosecutors than Harvard has kids with superiority complexes.

So why does Alex Cabot stand out above the rest? Well, she did take on a Columbian drug syndicate and have to go into federal witness protection. And then she left federal witness protection to testify against another baddie. And then had to go back in and assume yet another identity.

And you couldn't even earn your pro bono certificate. Tsk tsk.

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